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Reputation for fairness, honesty and a great deal of patience and latitude...

One of the most highly regarded auctions in Eastern Pennsylvania, Smith Auction Company, is located in mid-Chester County and has traditionally served the Chester County area.

Smith Auction Company was founded by auctioneers, Harold and Annette Smith, over a decade ago, dealing primarily in complete estates. In 1996, the Smiths expanded their business sales significantly further into the antiques and collectibles realm.

Over the years, the Smiths enjoy a well-earned reputation for fairness, honesty and a great deal more patience and latitude in dealing with both consignors and buyers than most of their peer houses. Plus, they pay their consignors quicker than just about anybody.

While still offering complete estate transactions, as well as smaller, high quality consignments, Smith now seriously segregates their antique and non-antique sales.

A significant percentage of their auctions are solely antiques, with items ranging from fine Japanese Imari, Lalique and Limoges, for under $100, to private collectors' treasures, such as a $300 Navajo saddle blanket, to period pieces and paintings in the $10,000 and higher category.

Non-antique auctions accommodate "everything else": box lots of kitchen items for $4; Calphalon pan sets for $50 and Ethan Allen solid cherry bedroom furniture for $2000.

While the antique sales attract upper-end dealers and well-heeled private collectors, the range of the articles in the sales are such that more modest collectors, moderately-priced dealers and interior decorators also have their hands in the air a fair share of the time.

Other Smith specialties are the Radio and Electronics Specialty Auctions. Steadily increasing it's aggressive stance in this exacting field, the company is now known throughout the East as the R&E auction through which to both buy and consign.

A Smith Auction Company's sale, in the spring 1997, included the extensive private collection of the late and former Parkesburg Mayor, William Findley. It drew absentee and phone bids from as far away as Australia, Japan and Great Britain; grossed over $40,000 and was awarded a three-page review in the radio collectors bible, Antique Radio Classified.

A Smith Auction Company's sale, in January 1999, included an Edison Electric Pen made in 1876. There were phone bidders from as far away as Germany with a successful bid of $18,700, including buyers premium.

Another Smith Auction Company's sale, included a 1930's tin-plated O gauge Lionel train set with 260 tender, pullman and observation cars with original boxes in mint condition, sold for $1,100. A separate Pullman car brought $247.

As the only specialty auction house in the area, Smith also offers other specialty sales on an irregular basis, including militaria, toys, dolls, coins, stamps, comics, jewelry, pottery, art and scientific and musical instruments -- you name it!

Most sales take place at the company's rented site, as opposed to their former digs at the Downingtown Marketplace of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Now doing business at the following locations:

  • East Brandywine Fire Hall, Rt 322 Guthriesville, Pa
  • Lionville Fire Hall, 15 Village Avenue, Lionville, Pa 19353

    Sincere testimonials imply a trustworthy auction business...

    Antiques & Auction News
    Successful Smith Auction Co. Sale Of Bryant Estate Highlighted by 'Philadelphia Ten' Artist's Works

    *** Click here to view the front page coverage of the Bryant Estate.

    Joel Sater Publications
    February 8, 2008

    Annette & Harold,

    I am writing to express my sheer joy from the auction recently held at my Aunt Joan Bryant's house in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

    When I was first faced with the challenge of cleaning out my Aunt's house after she moved, I was, to say the least, completely and utterly overwhelmed. I thought this process could never be completed, especially in the short time we had to do so. As you know, my Aunt and her late husband had never thrown one thing away, and in fact, never had anyone who had ever lived in that house! It still amazes me how an eight bedroom, 4 bathroom house could be so full, and sorting through everything was just beyond my capabilities and knowledge.

    When I sent the initial e-mail inquiring into your company, I could have not asked for a faster response. From that point on I finally began to see some light in the distance. We were taken under your wing into a situation that was beyond our comprehension. I never had any doubts that you would both exceed in this challenge.

    As the auction approached, being faced with many difficulties that a 17th century house holds, I could not have been more pleased. The sheer volume of people shocked me as well as how you transformed the interior of the house. The house that was previously a disaster had become a showroom. From the information you gathered, to the amount of items you sorted through, I have no idea how you accomplished it. You both, and your team, put so much time and hard work into this auction that there will never be enough thanks I could express.

    Aside from the professionalism you exhibited and the turnout you achieved, the auction literally brought tears to my eyes when I heard some of the prices things were being sold for. I could not believe or be more thankful, and neither could my Aunt.

    I still to this day do not know how you did it, and I will always remain amazed. You surpassed any possible expectation I could have had, and I am forever grateful.

    With so much thanks and appreciation.

    Rachael K. Stollar
    January 16, 2008

    October Auction Raises The Bar

    We owe so much to the many people who made this auction such a success! Lucia Still and the volunteers of For Paws, the individuals and businesses who donated items, the auctioneers, the musicians, the Cat Angel Network volunteers who helped set up and assisted wherever else they were needed, and those who supplied food. Many hands and hearts made for a great event that was enjoyed by all.

    Now is a great time to buy an item to set aside for next year's auction! Stay tuned for details of our 2008 auction in the next newsletter. In the meantime, if you would like to volunteer for next year's auction, please contact us.
    Dear Annette and Harold,

    We can't thank you enough for the donation of your auction services for our annual Brandywine Valley CISV Extravaganza 2007 Dinner and Auction held on November 11th at the Chester Valley Golf Club. You mae the event, helping us get the most possible for our live items!

    The Extravaganza event raised more than $9,500 for our chapter hosting program. Hosting is a fundamental component of Children's International Summer Vilages.

    Your participation is especially meaningful this year because we have recently learned that our hosting program expenses in the area of lodging for our 2008 Village will likely go up significantly. Your support puts us closer to our goal to provide a cross-cultural experience and peace education to children from all over the world at a point in their lives when it can really make a difference.

    Keep up to date with our newsletters, programs and events.

    Thank you again for supporting Brandywine Valley CISV.

    Auction Volunteer
    December 24, 2007

    Hi from Virginia,

    First, I want to thank you for the very successful auction of my soldiers. I am pleased to know that they have been bougth by collectors that will appreciate them. Your listing of the items surely took a bit of time to research and compile and I once again say "thanks".

    Harold, enclosed please find the postal cards that I spoke to you about. I have no idea of what value they might have to you but whatever you decide they are worth is fine with me. It is nice to know that people like you still exist in the business world. So many times we are faced with inept and greedy folks that have little concern or feelings for others -- it seems to be a sign of the times. Stay as your are -- we need more like you.

    Donald E. Stevens
    Dec 5, 2007

    Unwanted, But Still Valuable
    Deb Copeland, Manager of Volunteer Services, Philadelphia, PA

    The VistaCare Philadelphia volunteers and staff turned unwanted items into dollars for the VistaCare Foundation. Over the last two months, staff, volunteers, friends, and our bereaved families have been asked to save their unwanted items for a huge yard sale. The Monday before the sale, all were invited to bring their treasures to the office.

    That is when the fun really began. It started out small and grew every day until there was not an empty space to be found, as donations continued to come in. Volunteers and staff came in at night and sorted and priced. Wonderful time was shared with bereaved families who stopped by to drop off items and lingered a while to tell their story and share their praise of what VistaCare meant to them.

    Help came from the most unexpected places. Our Administrative Advisor, Anita O, put us in contact with her sister and brother in-law, Annette and Harold Smith. They run an Auction Company in our area and were able to get several of their customers to donate to our sale. They lent a tent and many tables to us as well and even set up delivery of the items to our office. Sunday before the sale, Shannon Corgan, Sales and Marketing Administrator from the Home Office, was in and made some donations to our sale. The afternoon the truck complete with trailer arrived from the auction full of items, Carolyn Freeman, Clinical Advisor West Region, was visiting our office. She rolled up her sleeves and helped our staff unload the truck. That is teamwork at its best.

    Sale day was a wonder to be seen. Volunteers, staff and the family they could press into service were at the office at 6 a.m., moving mountains of items out onto the lawn in front of our door. It is rumored that the Philadelphia staff and volunteers might have been their own best customers. On-line postings, letters to our bereaved families, word of mouth and great signs brought a steady stream of customers to our door. We were able to talk to many about what hospice is and how the Foundation helps. When it was all over we had raised just over $1900.00 for the Foundation!
    Harold and Annette: Received your card last week. Thank you for the check and your hard work in advertizing and auctioning my items. I will definitely pass your name along to individuals having older items which they would like to sell. Have a very merry and blessed holiday!

    December 5, 2007

    Dear Annette and Bud,

    Thank you so much for being such fantastic people and helping to make our auction such a success! It was just great, and Annette, you really helped bring in the better bids! Everyone loved it, and I am sure the people there will remember you when they need auction services. Cat Angel wants to reimburse you for the credit card expenses. It is not fair for you to be out money for something like that!! We really appreciate you both! thanks!

    Henry Grabb
    November 25, 2007

    I attended your coin auction yesterday and just wanted you to know I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm new to auctions and found myself very comfortable. The auctioneer was understandable, and the presentations were great. Thank you!!!

    Craig Lewis
    May 21, 2006

    Smith Auction Company Smith Auction Company I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the hard work and effort that you put into my auction. The proceeds exceeded my greatest expectations. To think that you were able to get a price of $5000 for a stool that I literally would have chopped up for firewood in my ignorance is absolutely amazing!!!! I still can't get over it. From the first visit to my Aunt's home you both exhibited a great amount of appreciation, compassion and understanding in helping me decide what to liquidate and how.

    This was a very hard emotional decision for me coupled with the irreplaceable loss of my Aunt so I just would like to say thank you for your patience and caring demeanor during the process. I knew from the first few minutes that I was going to utilize your services -- both of you present yourselves with total professionalism and honesty right from the start. I was especially impressed at the advice that Annette gave me in regards to keeping some of the items for myself instead of recommending everything be sold. You kept me informed every step of the way, you did exactly what you said you would (very rare today, unfortunately!) and you were honest and trustworthy to the nth degree.

    I thank you both very much and if there's anything I can do for you just let me know. I have absolutely no qualms about recommending your services to anyone -- and I certainly will in the future! Thanks again for a job very well done!

    Greg Nesspor
    October 26, 2005

    Dear Annette & Buddy,

    Kim and I both wanted to thank you so very much for everything. We were totally impressed with the auction. the professional way in which you ran it and by all the people who attended. the level of dignifty and professionalism was beyond our expectations. We are so lucky to have found you! It is difficult to part with family things but thanks to your understanding and help we both feel very good about it. Kim & I also think we had a lot of help from above too!!! Very funny about that missing piece on the children's dresser.....it certainly is a mystyery.

    Thank you also for the Noritake platter - it is a perfect match to our set! And please thank your Mom too. We still have quite a few things at home- if you would like to help us with those that would be wonderful. We have the coins and paper money, more boxes of books (mostly newer if that is OK), more old Westfield & NJ photos, more military photos, a few framed prints, etc. I will try to get a list to you so you can review & let me know if you would like these things for the Feb. 21 auction or use at another date. Our real estate taxes are due Feb 1, but they give you a one week grace period. If it is possible to have the check by then that would be wonderful. Again.... thank you for everything! & see you soon -

    Dee & Kim
    February 11, 2004

    Dear Annette & Buddy, Sonny & Adam,

    Thank you all so very very much! Your professionalism mixed with humor made what could have been a very difficult day great! It was a pleasure to listen to Buddy speak faster than I ever heard anyone speak before. And Annette was coolly doing about a dozen things at the same time. Thank you for being so understanding and helpful and carrying us all the way through. The child's dresser drawer will always be a mystery. Unbelievable. As will how the auction scheduler who bought a lot was able to hand me the missing glass lens for the lorgnette at the moment I needed it. He said he found it in the bottom of his box. Truly remarkable.Mom would love to know that her album of autographs found its way to a Hollywood director! And Daddy's military items are with a very nice man who knows exactly what they mean. I do think we had help from above which began with meeting you! With many thanks for everything and best wishes from the snow in England!

    Love, Kim
    February 2, 2004

    I have known Annette Smith of Smith Auction Company for the past three years through her various activities supporting our community through the Downingtown Area Chamber of Commerce. Her business is well respected in this community and has always enjoyed a favorable reputation among their clients as well as with other area businesses.

    Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith are noted community members practicing in a fair manner in all their business transactions. Based on interactions with Smith Auction Company I would be very willing to do business with them and enjoy working with them on community projects. Should you have any questions please contact me.

    Catherine R. Curley RN, MSN, Downingtown
    Immediate Past President, Downingtown Area Chamber of Commerce
    January 28, 1998

    My wife and I recently were the recipients of a portion of my Grandfather's estate. We along with my other brothers and sister were to share equally in the business he had loved for so many years, his toy store! After much work we were able to box it all up and move it into our homes where it took up all the room we had. After trying to live several months like this and our young sons facing great temptations to play with all these wonderful toys we came to the decision to sell a portion of it.

    We contacted the Smiths to see what could be done with such a collection. They came out to our home and explained to us exactly how the auction works, the commission rate, and what we could possibly expect to get for such a collection (most of the toys were from the 70's). You can imagine my surprise when we attended the sale and the first toy I saw auctioned went for $1000. The sale far exceeded my expectations. My brothers and sister are now considering selling their portion with the Smith Auction Company. If you have any questions as to their company please feel free to call me. I would highly recommend them.

    Bruce Stillman, Spring City
    January 23, 1998

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