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Community Charities   (donations needed)


Please help by giving what you can.

Everyone who does clean outs or buys estates needs an out let for certain items. The following groups are in need of items. In most cases it is required that you drop them off. If this is not possible, you may bring them to one of our auctions. Mark them with your name, address and agency it is for and we will drop them off. Tax deduction slips are given in some cases. Please do what you can to be of help to the community.

Thank you,

The Smiths
Chester County SPCA
1212 Phoenixville Pike
West Chester, Pa.

Wish list for our Furry Friends: Laundry supplies, bleach, dust pans, brushes, brooms etc, car wash soap, car polish, window cleaner, sponges, pooper scoopers, toilet paper and other paper products, rawhide chews, toys, ceramic or stainless bowls, flea shampoos etc, kitty litter, towels, sheets, blankets, newspapers, leashes etc.
City Gate
17 N 7th Avenue
Coatesville, Pa 610-383 6915

Offers help to men in need: Needs donations of cleaning products, paper products, men�s clothes, food.
First Presbyterian Church
130 W. Miner Street
West Chester, Pa.
Contact person: Susanne

Offers free medical supplies to all in need : Donations needed of clean medical items such as wheelchairs, crutches, shower seats, canes, walkers, porta potties, invalid items etc.
Bryn Mawr Rehab/ Horticultural Dept
414 Paoli Pike
Malvern, Pa
610-252 5450

Needs: Flower pots of all kinds , vases, baskets ( as clean as possible ) Decorative items such as bows, ribbons, etc.
Project Linus Make and donate blankets for seriously ill or traumatized children in need of comfort & security. A great project to fulfill service hours for Confirmation or school.